Work on yourself- self-help and personal development books

What’s holding you back to achieve your dreams? Is it a lack of motivation and not having the right guide? Positive thinking and critical decision making are crucial for growth and excellence. Luckily, when you read self-help and personal development books, you find yourself mapping out a vision of your life and crafting an action plan that helps you to achieve something extraordinary in your life. If you are looking for such books to discover yourself and achieve greatness, then have a look at these books:

#howtwolive: 36 seriously cool how-to projects on style, nail art, blogging and more by Jess Dadon and Stef Dadon
ISBN: 9781741174892

Jess Dadon and Stef Dadon author the book. It is like a best friend who helps you live a better life. The book contains 36 how-to projects that include blogging (learn how to become a blogging superstar), nail art, make-up, outfits, styles, beauty tricks, recipes, festivals, and so on. It has almost everything a woman wants to know to live a great life. It is a perfect book for all aged girls and women to learn several remarkable things.

100 Interiors Around the World Edited by TASCHEN
ISBN: 9783836557269

This book, edited by Taschen, contains the ultimate guide on different interior inspirations. All kinds of home interior designs from around the world, including rustic, avant-garde, glossy, and weird designs, are shown in this book. If you are looking to remodel your home, this book is the best source of inspiration at an affordable cost.

100 Ways for Every Girl to Look and Feel Fantastic by Alice Hart-Davis and Beth Hindhaugh
ISBN: 9781406337549

Alice Hart-Davis and Beth Hindhaugh wrote this book. Alice Hart-Davis is a beauty journalist. Together with her daughter, Beth, they share 100 beauty tips, especially for young teens. All teens who want to look and feel good should read this book to know the beauty secrets.

The book covers everything about beauty, from hair to skin to the exercises you should include in your daily activities. The instructions written in the book are straightforward to follow.

1001 Ways to Be Romantic: More Romantic Than Ever by Gregory J.P Godek

ISBN: 9781402244087

Gregory J.P Godek authors the book. It contains romantic tips that will add romance to your life more than ever. In this book, the writer says that sometimes giving a bouquet of roses, an elegant romantic dinner, or chocolates are not enough, and one must do more to retain the charm of the relationship. You must show what you feel for your partner. You have to offer your partner your love, how you think, and what he or she means to you. The book includes many suggestions and gift ideas that will make your life very romantic.

149 Paintings You Really Need to See in North America by Julian Porter and Stephen Grant
ISBN: 9781459739352

Authored by Julian Porter Stephen Grant, this book contains a tour of North America’s most excellent museums and galleries. It contains extraordinary paintings by some of the world’s greatest painters. The author has a lifelong passion for art, and the book shows his guide to Europe and North America’s art. It has everything a person wants to know about the most significant art world.

123 Seriously Smart Things You Need To Know About The Climate by Mathilda Masters
ISBN: 9780500296035

Mathilda Masters wrote the book. It contains some amazing facts about the climate, like: Did you know that deserts provide food for fish and 70% of all birds on earth are chickens? It contains 123 innovative and unique facts about the climate and environment. Apart from these astonishing facts, it also provides suggestions for the reader to keep the planet sustainable and liveable.

150 Best of the Best Apartment Ideas by Francesc Zamora
ISBN: 9780063018877

Francesc Zamora authors the book, and it contains 150 of the best, most colourful and popular design ideas from the best architects and interior designers. It includes images of some of the most exciting and unique apartments present around the globe. These designs are made explicitly by considering the specific needs of the clients.

150 Best Tiny Space Ideas by Francesc Zamora
ISBN: 9780062909220

Francesc Zamora authors this book. It contains the latest innovations in small space designs. As the population worldwide increases with each passing day, it has become crucial for people to live in tiny spaces. The plans are the hard work and innovations of the architects and interior designers who create highly functional designs in the smallest possible areas considering the taste and needs of the clients.

100 20th-Century Gardens and Landscapes by Twentieth Century Society
ISBN: 9781849945295

By Twentieth Century Society, this book is a collection of extraordinary gardens and landscapes of Britain from the 20th century to the present day. Through this book, readers can learn about the evolution of 100 parks and landscapes and how these complimented the buildings of the 20th century. All entries are recorded in chronological order, and also change in techniques and style is mentioned based on the timeline. The book features many designers and architects like Charles Jencks, Geoffrey Jellicoe, etc.

100 Kyoto Sights: Discover the “Real” Japan by John Dougill
ISBN: 9784805315422

Written by John Dougill, this book talks about 100 sights to visit in Kyoto- the birthplace of Japanese culture. It is a well-known fact that Kyoto- an ancient capital of Japan is home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dougill and Hochner, being residents of this place for a long time, help readers discover the real Kyoto. From festivals to markets and restaurants, now readers can explore the place just by sitting at their home.

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