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Art is the most precious nature’s gift. It is what human beings crave in their life. It provides meaning to life and makes our life joyful to live. Arts from past centuries are vital parts of our culture as it allows human beings to understand and express their emotions beautifully. However, art is not limited to paintings, drawings, and canvas. It’s much more than that. Art is everything that allows people to express themselves and be open to new ideas and experiences. Performing arts offer a lot to people in this domain.

Books about performing arts tell the readers a lot about the history and developments of different types of performing arts in the world. Books like “100 Lessons in Classical ballet” by Vera S. Kostrovitskaya and “(Re:) Claiming Ballet” edited by Adesola Akinleye feature the rich history and culture with numerous lessons to improve ballet performing skills that no teacher or student can afford to miss.

Global Arts Books is an online bookstore whose main aim is to equip the readers with the best-performing arts books and quench their curiosity by bringing the culture of different dance forms or theatre and inspiring them to work on their performing art skills. Here, the performing arts bookshop includes “100 Essential Indian Films” by Rohit K. Dasgupta and Sangeeta Datta. It offers a comprehensive view of the 100 most impactful movies ever produced in Bollywood.

With so many performing art books available in our store, you can enhance your viewpoint and engage in exploring new things. We also have several books for learning tricks- “101 Magic tricks” by Bryan Miles and “101 Easy-to-do Magic Tricks” by Bill Tarr.