Music, Rhythm and Bands – The Trio and how it evolved!

There isn’t anyone in the world who does not love the sound of good music. However, sometimes listening to music is not enough. Many listeners would like to know the history and how music evolved from culture to bands. For those curious minds, here is a collection of few titles that can help them understand the history and evolution of music in different genres.

Check out these books, which you should read at least once in your life if you are a music lover.  

  1. ’79 Ska Revival by Garry Bushell

It’s been forty years since Specials ruled the pop world with an infectious mix of Ska rhythm and punk attitude. Garry Bushell was the first rock writer to watch Specials perform live and interview their madness on the stage. This book showcases the remarkable rise of these boys in the world of pop music. The revival of Ska and Mode in the late seventies put life back in the UK scenes.

Authored by Garry Bushell, this book was published by Red Planet on 2 March 2021. Forty years passed since The Jam released their All-Mod Cons album, which inspired a new generation. Through this book, Bushell shows the rise of The Jam and various other bands, such as The Chords, The Purple Hearts, Secret Affair, The Jolt, etc., with their great tunes.

This book is a treasure for those who want to know about the history of Downtown’s punk music stars and poetry scenes. Daniel Kane, through this book, showcased the magical time of the late 1960s, the entire period of 1970s, and 1980s, when musicians and poets in New York City played together and published each other to create groundbreaking art. The book also talks about challenges faced by the status of various visionary artists.

Edited by Karen Barbour, Victoria Hunter, Melanie Kloetzel

Edited by Karen Barbour, Melanie Kloetzel, and Victoria Hunter, this book is all about site-based dance performance. The main aim of this art book is to communicate the international approaches adapted to perform and theories site-based dance performances. The editors explore a wide range of practices engaging with social, ecological, and political discourses prevailing in North America, Europe, and Oceania, which affect the frame and inform the processes of site-based dance performances.

Running Press published this book on 19 September 2019. The set includes a collection of magnets, pins, and a mini book about the history of the boy band, NSYNC. This band formed about twenty years ago, was immensely popular because of their music. Millions of fans loved and grew up with them in the 1990s and 2000s. Many young fans love this band even today.

Published by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation, 10 Essential Piano Sonatas is a collection of 10 most popular classical piano sonatas by Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, and Schubert. It includes Piano Sonata F Minor, Piano Sonata in A Minor, Piano Sonata in A Major, etc. Hal Leonard LLC has become one of the largest sources of various music performances, instructional materials, physically as well as digitally and various musical instruments.

This book is a critical guide for those who are interested in the history of great music. Robert Dimery has put great efforts to provide information about mouth-watering music of different genres, such as jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, disco, soul, funk, punk, etc. You will find fascinating insights of various music albums, covering Miles Davis’s jazz landmark Kind of Blue (1959) to David Bowie’s tragic final release, Blackstar (2016), and many other contemporary releases. A music critic remark follows each entry in the book.

Jon Savage wrote this book describing the famous year of pop music that is the trend today. 1966 was undeniably one of pop’s most extraordinary years. Many ideas of the late ’50s regarding pop music came to a peak this year. It was the boiling point for pop music and art. Irish times said, “Savage is rightly regarded as one of the finest cultural critics of the past 40 years . . . an enthralling, exhilarating read.”

Nope, not talking about the myth of the 13th floor but the famous band we all loved and enjoyed. The book is a visual dive into the 13th-floor elevators. The 13th-floor elevator was born in late 1965 when lyricist Tommy Hall asked a local singer to join up their rock band and changed the entire dimensions of the group. In this book, the author Paul Drummond has gathered the primary materials, including unseen pictures of the band, items from scrapbooks and personal diaries of different families, images of the rare artistic work and so on.  These materials give you a visual look at the entire story of the band. It also shares their sad ending, including the mismanagement of the group and the short success of the band. The visual aspect of the book makes it more engaging to the reader.

  1. 13: The Complete Book and Lyrics of the Broadway Musical by Jason Robert Brown and Dan Elish

Dan Elish wrote the book. It is a musical comedy revolving around the thirteen-year-olds and their life choices. The book contains the story of 13-year-old Evan, who moved from New York City to Indiana following his parents’ divorce. The fictional story is fascinating with its twists and turns. The story is about how Evan will find his place in new environment and new friends and the mindset of most of the 13-year-olds.

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