Lifestyle and Personal Style – A genre with great depth!!!

Believe it or not, everyone across the globe has some interest in one or another aspect of the lifestyle genre. Lifestyle and Personal Style is one genre that covers almost everything from fashion to habits to trends. Jim Rohn once said that,

“Lifestyle is not an amount; It’s a practice.”

Readers have attached different meanings to this quote. However, if one reads carefully, the quote offers a great insight into the real meaning of lifestyle. Until you find the depth of the quote, let’s explore the collection of best books from the Lifestyle genre.

  1.  #howtwolive: 36 seriously cool how-to projects on style, nail art, blogging and more

by Jess Dadon and Stef Dadon

This hardback book is a perfect “how-to” guide for lifestyle explorers. The book has more than 36 projects, including Nail Art, Trending Fashion, Beauty & Make-up, Food & Dessert recipes, Social Media, etc. Well-known fashion bloggers Jess Dadon and Stef Dadon have shared their wisdom for every late teen and early 20s woman. They revealed the much-needed knowledge about fashion and style and how to carry it successfully

Geraldine James wrote this book. It provides inspirational and innovative ideas to use with existing things available in your house stylishly. Gone are the days when shelves were just a piece of furniture. Now it’s time to get creative and revitalise your place by using shelves artistically. The book contains chapters describing everything from different themes, colour, texture, etc. The styles will suit the interior of your house.

This book, written by Megan Reid and Nick Greene, provides an informational guide, tips and tricks to fix your lifestyle as per your financial capacity. According to the authors, one can take care of oneself by spending just 9 dollars a day. After college, Megan and Nick used to work part-time to sustain their living in the initial days. They learned that one can spend money rationally to procure simple yet joyful pleasures from life. They brought the amazing lifehacks and mini upgrades while staying on a $9 budget to people reading this book.

Shunmyo Masuno wrote this artistic book to teach about the importance of Zen Buddhism and how one can incorporate it into their daily life. There are around one hundred simple yet effective Zen activities. They are all explained fully. These activities can be performed every day by readers to escape from the chaos of daily life and calm their minds and soul. One can learn these lessons in 100 days if read daily. These small and simple activities can add Zen to your modern lifestyle while spreading the air of peace around you.

With a touch of humour, this book tells the secret about the adoring lifestyle of the French. You can stop thinking about “How the French do it?” and learn it yourself. From being romantic to staying beautiful to having mouth-watering food, the French have done it all without breaking a sweat. Valerie De Saint Pierre and Frederic Veysset have divided the French into different relatable tribes. Each tribe has something valuable to share to live a beautiful life. The authors share the attributes from each tribe which readers can integrate into their life. The book covers everything like French wardrobe, recipes, rituals to styling tips and products.

There are various lifestyle tips in this book, such as beauty, makeup, confidence, fashion, etc. The main highlight of this volume is that it is written not only for straight boys and girls but also for everyone irrespective of their sexual orientation. RuPaul, the author of Workin’It!, is a trendy recording artist and television host worldwide. The tips given in this book are self-tested and can help one become a shining star rather than just being in the background.

Chris Hadfield wrote this book and gave a unique perspective to the world by sharing Earth pictures from outer space. He is one of the most accomplished and cherished astronauts globally and known for his work in space and the fantastic documentary of Earth’s photographs. It is like a photographic tour of Earth from the eyes of an astronaut. He added meaning to Earth’s beauty in his unique perspective and used it as a guiding tool to live here.

This is a revolutionary book written by Marisa Peer. It contains a 10-step program that can make you feel and look ten years younger than your age. “Age is just a number.” Well, the phrase looks pretty accurate now. As per the author, positive thinking and our beliefs have a significant role in processing our age. The book is about learning the power of the mind, which can bring changes in your physical and mental age. In this book, you will also get audio to download for free, which you can listen to and know about the technique with ease.

Gisela Keil wrote this brilliant book that is very engaging with gardening details and guides. Whether you are new to gardening or experienced, this book helps you get the daily dose of inspiration. The book shares 365 beautiful and colourful pictures of gardens worldwide, along with tips, techniques, and facts.

World Clothing and Fashion: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Social Influence

by Mary Ellen Snodgrass

This work of Mary Ellen Snodgrass is an encyclopaedia that covers global, social, and economic aspects of the prevailing attire of human beings. She discussed various styles, production methods, fabrics, and utility of male and female clothing of each generation from historical periods to globalisation. The author showcases different types of fashion trends in different periods, countries or regions and includes the details of many fashion influencers.

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