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The Rosedata Stone

Author: Steve Hoberman

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£ 23.65

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Creating a precise diagram of business terms within your projects is a simple yet powerful communication tool for project managers, data governance professionals, and business analysts. With more and more data being created and used, combined with intense competition, strict regulations, and rapid-spread social media, the financial, liability, and credibility stakes have never been higher and therefore the need for a Common Business Language has never been greater. Appreciate the power of the BTM and apply the steps to build a BTM over the book’s five chapters: Challenges. Explore how a Common Business Language is more important than ever with technologies like the Cloud and NoSQL, and Regulations such as the GDPR. Needs. Identify scope and plan precise, minimal visuals that will capture the Common Business Language. Solution. Meet the BTM and its components, along with the variations of relational and dimensional BTMs. Experience how several data modeling tools display the BTM, including CaseTalk, ER/Studio, erwin DM, and Hackolade. Construction. Build operational (relational) and analytics (dimensional) BTMs for a bakery chain. Practice. Reinforce BTM concepts and build BTMs for two of your own initiatives alongside a real example. show more

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