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In recent times, we have experienced the development of technology at a breakneck pace. The digital era is all about innovative technology and modern devices. It has solidified its roots in different sectors of our society- business, healthcare, fashion, education and others. Everything in the world is being digitalised and graphically enhanced. The graphic novel shows how different technologies came into the picture and how to strengthen various characters digitally.

Best graphic novels are the ones that can explain the concept of different digitalised technologies with the help of both images and words. Many graphic novels, such as “3D Fashion Design” by Thomas Makryniotis and “Digital Fashion Print” by Kevin Tallon, explain ways to create fashion designs, prints, products, and animations in three dimensions using software programs.

Global Arts Books also provide a wide range of books with information and details on artificial intelligence and robotics. Graphical books for adults like “10 Short Lessons in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics” by Peter J. Bentley feature one of the leading computer science professors explaining the development of computers and artificial intelligence devices in the fast-moving world. Graphical books for teens such as “Digital Cartooning” by Ivan Hissey Curtis Tappenden provide a detailed guide to drawing, painting, sketching, and manipulating digital cartoons on your own.

With a library providing a wide range of learning materials on science, technology innovations, robotics, artificial intelligence, and digitalised devices, the main goal of Global Arts Books is to provide knowledge to the readers about the developing digital world. We have graphic books available on modern DIYs, such as “Creating Handmade Card Step-by-Step” by Cheryl Owen, featuring challenging and straightforward modern ideas to make decorative cards. Buy graphical books from our inventory and increase your technological knowledge.