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Television, Films and Radio are the most significant sources of entertainment and news medium consumed worldwide. But, what’s unique about Global Arts Books that they can provide? You have not found in these mediums already; you must be wondering. To answer this question, did you read “Hollywood and Politics- A sourcebook” edited by Emilie Raymond and Donald T Critchlow? What goes inside in the making of a film? Don’t miss it! The impact lays on society and its general acceptance, rejection, and much more can be explored under Tv film radio books online segment from our inventory enlisting varied list of books.

Few examples of incredibly insightful Film books to read are “Landscript 2: Filmic Mapping, Documentary Film and the Visual Culture of Landscape Architecture” by Fred Truninger, “Silent Films, 1877-1996: A Critical Guide to 646 Movies” by Robert K Klepper or “Celluloid Ceiling” by Beti Ellerson et al. which unravels the exquisite journey of women directors.

Readers looking for a career as a radio jockey or voice artist can browse Radio books online from our inventory. Radio Books online like “Reality Radio” by Alexa Dilworth, “Radio as Art” edited by Ursula Frohne and Anne Thurmann Jajes, “Radio and the Gendered Soundscape” by Christine (University of Louisville Ehrick) and “Radio’s Second Century” by John Allen Hendricks are some of the few great books written on radio insights, providing a holistic view of the present, past and future.

Here are some excellent examples of Books about tv series which can change readers perspective about TV series: “Writing the TV Drama Series” by Pamela Douglas, “Batman: A Celebration of the Classic TV Series” by Robert Garcia and Joe Desris, “A Brilliant TV Writer/Producer” by Arnold Kane and “Inside the TV Writer’s Room” by Lawrence Meyers.  You can browse our inventory for more fabulous behind the camera and mic stories books- some hilariously funny but most knowledgeable.