Enhance your artistic techniques with the help of these fantastic books

It is always fun to learn the different artistic techniques from knitting to making ornaments to improve your creativity. Learning other creative techniques is easier when you know the proper approach to learning from the books. It would be best if you had an open mind about new skills and experimented with old ones to learn something. Training your eyes to see the world as an artist is excellent, and nothing could be better than learning from books. Check out this great list of books on arts and crafts from Global Arts Books:

Harry Potter Knitting Magic: New Patterns from Hogwarts & Beyond by Tanis Gray
ISBN: 9781911682462

Through this book, one can discover more knitting magic that features brand new knitting patterns inspired by the creatures and characters of the wizarding world. The book includes full coloured photographs and details on more than 28 projects pulled straight from the Harry Potter movies, including patterns for toys and costume replicas. This book is great for knitters of all skill levels as it features many different knitting techniques and projects ranging from simple to complex ones.

Felt Ornaments for All Occasions: 20 Adorable Patterns to Stitch, Gift, and Decorate
by Sylvia Bird
ISBN: 9781947163676

Ornaments are not gifts to be just presented just on Christmas day. Sylvia Bird, a famous designer, wrote the above book. It is a beginner-friendly guide, and one can quickly learn the techniques to make charming ornaments that can be displayed and gifted at any time. This collection features 20 felt ornament patterns arranged for different seasons with instructions, photographs, and guidance of varying stitching techniques to make meaningful decorations and presents.

The Holly Jolly Christmas Activity Book
ISBN: 9780008498382

This book is the perfect Christmas activity collection to get your children into the holiday spirit. It contains many Christmas activities for all the kids. The author carefully selected a wide range of challenges to entertain the kids during the festive break. Activities in this book include “connect the dots”, number games, find the objects and colour games, shadow matching, and a separate page dedicated to writing a letter to Santa.

Art Club: 52 Art Cards to Spark Creativity by Lorna Scobie
ISBN: 9781784884383

Are you struggling to find time for creativity from your busy schedule? Are you looking for help to find inspiration? Here, this book, written by Lorna Scobie, will provide you with a wide range of different drawing challenges that will inspire your passion for creativity and self-expression. You can carry this interactive play deck when going out for a walk in the park and explore your creative skills along the way with 52 fun art prompts.

Knit Like a Latvian: Accessories: 40 Knitting Patterns for Gloves, Hats, Scarves and Shawls by Ieva Ozolina
ISBN: 9781446308684

Knitting in the Latvian culture has for centuries played a vital role. Girls are taught knitting at an early age, and in schools, knitting is introduced as an essential part of the curriculum. Through this fantastic collection, one can learn to knit stunning Latvian accessories such as hats, shawls, gloves, and scarves. The results of stranded colourful knitting are so beautiful that it never goes out of fashion. This collection features 40 patterns with distinctive Latvian colourwork design elements for gloves, shawls, scarves, and hats.

The Eco-Christmas Craft Book: 30 Stylish Festive Projects That Won’t Hurt the Planet by Marianne Miall
ISBN: 9781782219729

Make this Christmas an eco-friendly one. With this fabulous collection, you can learn to make beautiful decorations for Christmas with the help of eco-friendly materials helping you save money and this beautiful planet. It would be best to collect recyclable cardboard, newspapers, twigs and bottle corks. By choosing your colour scheme matching the interiors of your house, you can use these materials to make eco-friendly table and tree decorations, Christmas cards, and many more.

Furoshiki: And the Japanese Art of Gift Wrapping
by Tomoko Kakita
ISBN: 9781913947651

This collection is the only modern, practical guide that features the ancient art of Japanese gift wrapping. Through this beautiful guide, discover the methods and techniques to use Furoshiki, a beautiful and reusable wrapping cloth, to make gifts wrappings and save the planet. In Japan, gift-giving and the presentation of the gift are considered a vital cultural ritual, and these methods do not require any cutting or glue sticking. You can now gift thoughtful presents to your loved ones.

Elemental Macrame: 20 macrame and crystal projects for balance and beauty
by Rebecca Millar
ISBN: 9781446308790

This unique and beautiful book creates beautiful macramé projects that celebrate the sacred elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Ether or Spirit. The book mentions that each aspect of Earth has its properties and colours. The book features 20 projects drawing inspiration from nature and its elements, including moon-catchers, jewellery, wall hangings, and accessories for decorating the home. Additionally, you will also learn how to dip-dye macramé.

Too Cute Crochet: Baby Owl: Kit Includes: 4 Colors of Yarn, Crochet Hook, Plastic Safety Eyes, Fiberfill, Yarn Needle, Instruction Book by Katalin Galusz
ISBN: 9780760373163

With this fantastic guide, you can now crochet your baby owl. This kit includes everything one needs to know to make an adorable crochet project from beginning to end. Also, there is no need for you to hunt down the materials you need to make this cute baby owl. This kit will provide you with all the required materials and lead you through the patterns. Create your project with a foolproof guide to step-by-step practices and matching materials.

Too Cute Crochet: Kawaii Kitty Cat: Kit Includes: 2 Colors of Yarn, Crochet Hook, Plastic Safety Eyes, Fiberfill, Yarn Needle, Embroidery Floss, Instruction Book
by Katalin Galusz
ISBN: 9780760373170

With the help of this fantastic kit, you can now crochet your Kawaii Kitty cat. This kit will provide you with all materials and a step-by-step guide to crochet the project from start to end. You don’t need to collect or stock up the materials required to make a cute Kawaii Kitty cat. Whether you have the practice or not, you can complete the project within a few hours.

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