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Development doesn’t only mean economic or technological development. Many geniuses made an enormous contribution to the development of the world. Through their personality, achievements and struggles, many people have changed their way of experiencing different things. Biographical books equip the readers about the real lives of extraordinary people who may still be alive or have lived many centuries ago, a unique group of people, or an unsung hero ignored by history.

The core of every biography lies in the story of someone’s humanity. Biography books like “A Charmed rock ‘n’ Roll Life” by Robin Le Mesurier and Andy Merriman, and “Still With The Music” by Karl Jenkins and Sam Jackson share the real-life story, achievements, and contributions of Robin’s hugely successful musician and Karl, one of the world’s most popular classical composers in the music industry.

Global Arts Books is working hard to provide the best biography books to the readers to experience the world around them. Books like “Kristina Rihanoff” by Kristina Rihanoff is about the sad and sometimes funny life story of the dancing queen Kristina Rihanoff.

Who isn’t interested in knowing the lives of people who lived life to the fullest, done something extraordinary, and made their unique place in people’s hearts forever? Global Arts Books provide a wide range of best biographies of all time to the readers. People who want to quench their curiosity about the lives of great artists and famous people can read books such as “A Century of Wisdom” by Caroline Stoessinger. It is an inspiring story of resilience and the power of optimism of Alice Herz-Sommer, the world’s oldest Holocaust survivor. Now you can access any biography at an affordable price and learn about the lives of incredible artists.