AFK. Away from the Keyboard

Author: Contributions by Callum Shove Illustrated by Anna Maria Kiosse

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Every parent knows that love/hate relationship they have with their 8-13 year old?s screen time. How much is too much? We want them to be tech-literate, but we also feel guilty when they are glued to a screen. Who has time to organise creative activities for their kids these days? What if you could provide them with instant, ready made creative mini-projects to get them away from the console? Enter AFK. Give them a reason to be away from the keyboard. AFK is packed full of fun creative ideas and activities. Design your own T-Shirt. Create your own mini comic. 7 day drawing challenge. Design your own sneakers. Collaging, doodling, interviewing, story writing, listing, designing, colouring and sketching. Plus much much more. AFK provides 144 pages of creative activities – the perfect antidote to either boredom at home or keeping them entertained when they’re on the move. Go AFK today. You. Must. Create. show more

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Contributions by Callum Shove Illustrated by Anna Maria Kiosse


Carpet Bombing Culture


Paperback / softback




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