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The world in which we are living in is the most beautiful creation. We can find ourselves surrounded by the most appealing and natural artistic views. Art in general is a natural gift from the universe which humans crave. It gives meaning to our lives and develops a deeper understanding of the world. General arts include books that provide the details of how one can specialise in different media such as painting, sketching, sculpture, dancing, photography, printmaking, music, and many others.

General fine arts books like “(Re) Positioning Site Dance DG” authored by Karen Barbour, Vicky Hunter, and Melanie Kloetzzel and “The AB Guide to Music Theory” written by Eric Taylor reveal so much about different dance forms and music genres. At the same time, “100 Artists of Washington, D.C.” by F. Lennox Campello is the best book compiled by 100 leading contemporary visual artists in greater Washington, D.C.

Explore some of the well-known and recognised works of artisans across the globe. An extensive library of general art books showcases artisans collaborating with culture, food, architecture, music, motion, people and craft.

Global Arts Books has been working for many years to provide an extensive library to people who love to read books from different genres to quench their desire to learn and experience new things. “100 Secrets of the Art World” by Magnus Resch or “100 Ideas that changed Art” by Michael Bird for the readers is an indispensable and fun guide that discloses the ideas and secrets that changed the world of contemporary art.

With a library providing a wide range of reading materials on the different forms of arts, the primary purpose of Global Arts Books is to equip readers all around the world with a knowledgeable base. We have numerous books about art in generalsuch as “100 Pablo Picassos” by Violet Lemay, featuring the most celebrated artist Pablo Picasso. One can get any desired book from our inventory at a reasonable price and thus make him or herself aware of different artistic cultures.