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Hubert Kiecol

Author: Siegfried Gohr Thomas King Friedrich Meschede

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From a review in Artforum by Janet Koplos: “Kiecol was born in Bremen in 1950 and lives in Cologne. His works seem to engage systems rather than politics, philosophy, on-the-sleeve emotion or other more popular themes. Contemporary irony is implied in the recollections that some of the works inspire. Emphatic black crayon drawings are reminiscent of Richard Serra’s oil-stick works; small, dense concrete houses recall Joel Shapiro’s smaller cast-iron ones; layered standing lattices call up the complexity of Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings combined with the orderliness of his cube structures. Yet a sense of Kiecol cataloguing masterworks of the late 20th century is erased by the convincing coherence of this body of work.” From the publisher: “This publication–Kiecol’s first retrospective monograph–contains a cross section of work from the 1980s. Kiecol is mainly concerned with the relationship between architecture and sculpture. His columns, abstracted houses and stairs are characterized by the use of simple materials as well as concise, clear alignment.” show more

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Siegfried Gohr Thomas King Friedrich Meschede


Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig


Paperback / softback




330 x 240


Dutch; Flemish, English, German

Country of Pub


Book Condition



colour and b&w illustrations


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