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The universe, which we are all part of, undoubtedly can be regarded as one of the most complex architecture ever created. While humans might still need time and resources to unravel the complete mysteries, here on earth, architects and builders have deciphered some impressive architectures designed on this planet. Architecture Books are revealing creational secrets of some of the most beautiful cities, buildings, bridges, dams, castles and tunnels.

Books about architecture like “100 Houses Nature and Nurture” by Images Publishing or “100 Contemporary Houses” by Philip Jodidio unravel so much of the building concepts and technology behind modern home designing. While “100 of the World’s Tallest Buildings” by Anthony Wood Steven Henry and “100 ideas that changed architecture” by Mary Warner Marien are some of the best architecture books discussing the lengths architects went to display the science behind architecture marvels.

Global Arts Books has been curating an extensive library for its readers to explore, learn, get inspired, and quench their curiosity. “150 Best Eco House Ideas” by Marta Serrats, “150 Best House Ideas” by Ana G Canizares or “150 Best New Interior Design Ideas” by Macarena Abascal Valdenebro are an inspirational and practically functional idyllic universe of books that help our readers personalise their lifestyle and homes.

With a library providing vast study materials on buildings, bridges, skyscrapers and city planning, Global Arts Books aims to provide a resourceful knowledge base for our readers around the globe. We have books available on ancient architecture, such as “Scottish Castles” by Jonathan Wheeler and Anna Martin to “Japan’s Castles” by Oleg Benesch (University of York) and Ran Zwigenberg (Pennsylvania State University).

Buy architecture books online from our inventory and get a worldview of cultures and technology through architecture across ages.